Published • 2019-01-23

Witch’s Wonderland

Preset Description

A Fine Tuned Gameplay Preset Fit For A Witch!

This preset has been designed to give Eorzea a more colourful, pretty look, without sacrificing on FPS!

If anyone uses this shader, feel free to use the hashtag #WitchShadeXIV so I can see your images! <3

  • Deep, Rich Colours
  • MXAO tuned to be non-intrusive on the UI
  • Scroll-Lock (Default button for UI hiding) Enables a DoF effect, for an easy lite-screenshot shader!
  • Makes Eorzea a more vibrant place to live in!

Effects Used: Quint Lightroom, LUT, HDR, Filmic Pass

NOTE: The preview screenshots have MXAO disabled, however the preset comes with it default-enabled.

  • Screenshot 1: A tri-comparison shot for DoF enabled WW, DoF disabled WW, and default FFXIV
  • Screenshot 2: A comparison in cutscene between default and WW
  • Screenshot 3: A comparison in The Lochs (One of the darkest zones in the game) between default and WW
  • Screenshot 4: A shot in the Lavender Beds with WW enabled (no DoF)
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