Published • 2018-11-26

Witch’s Spell

Preset Description

A light and bright shader, for all your cutsey needs!

UPDATE 1.1: Now includes FFXIV KeepUI! Also adjusted a few of the values, hope you enjoy ^^

If anyone uses this shader, feel free to use the hashtag #WitchShadeXIV so I can see your images! <3

Works on 1080p Resolution.

  • Uses Quint MXAO, DOF and Lightroom.
  • Perfect for all scenarios!
  • Soft lighting, perfect for cute shots of your character!

NOTE: The download comes with all the shaders you need, in case you don’t have them!

Effects used: QUINT MXAO, QUINT DoF, QUINT Lightroom, Filmic Pass, LumaSharpen, LUT.

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