Published • 2018-12-18

Witch’s Occult

Preset Description

A dark, realistic preset designed for action, and more realistic looking images (or at least as realistic as you can get with catgirls, elves and dragons!)

If anyone uses this shader, feel free to use the hashtag #WitchShadeXIV so I can see your images! <3

  • Sharpening, High MXAO.
  • Perfectly Tuned colours.
  • Great for Action, landscape and closeups.

WARNING: The MXAO on this preset is completely overkill. It will lag your game! This is definitely not a preset for gameplay.

Effects used: HDR, QuintMXAO, Curves, Clarit, HDR, Vignette, DepthHaze, Technicolor2, LumaSharpen, QUINTBloom, QUINTDoF, QUINTLightroom, PandaFX.

All Effects included!

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