Published • 2019-05-22

Redux Shadowbringerz

Preset Description

Made for gameplay. Also good for screenshots.


  • I strongly reccomend trying out Nvidia’s DSR or AMD’s Super-Resolution!
  • Comes with a configured CinematicDOF shader (disabled).
  • Comes with configured MXAO (disabled).


  • Install Reshade 4.2.1 to the “FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn/game/ffxiv_dx11.exe”, and select the dx10+ option. (And instal all shaders included with the installer);
  • Open the game once, with the vanilla reshade installed;
  • Once the game is open and the reshade UI tutorial concluded, close the game and extract all the Redux content to the “FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn/game” folder;
  • Open the game again;
  • Do the following configurations mentioned below, on reshade and the game settings for it to work properly;
  • Done!

Needed reshade settings (“edit preprocessor global settings”):


Recommended game settings:

  • Real-Time Reflections – Maximum
  • Edge-Smoothing (Anti-Aliasing) – ON (fxaa)
  • Use Nvidia’s Control Panel’s FXAA or AMD’s control panel Morphological AA as well, especially when going with higher resolutions or downscaling.
  • Parallax Occlusion – NORMAL
  • Tesselation – NORMAL
  • Screen Space ambient Occlusion – HBAO-Standard
  • Water Refraction – OFF
  • Full-Screen Gamma Correction – between 0% and 50% (adjust this vaule based on your screen)
  • Character Lighting – 50%


Rose Chan – Behemoth

Graphics Comparison

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