Published • 2018-12-09

Photo Phoenix Collection 4.0

Preset Description

Photo Phoenix Collection 4.0 is a Stormshade/ReShade preset collection made for FFXIV.

  • Designed for 1080p
  • Can be used as a base for higher or lower resolutions
  • Shaders/Effects used: MXAO, Lightroom, SMAA, Technicolor, AmbientLight, Bloom, GaussianBlur, FilmicAnamorphSharpen, Levels


1- Soft: A preset allowing a softer image, ideal for low light environment pictures or for that dreamy picture effect.
2- Daytime-Nighttime: A preset that allow for good high quality shots in daylight or for well-lit night shots.
3- High Contrast: A preset with some strong contrast that is best used for those crisp, cinematic/action shots at night or in low light.
4- Studio: A preset that is especially made for studio shots or daylight cinematic/action shots. Give a level of detail close to the High Contrast preset.

Note: Do read the README.txt and Shaders Used.txt before installation for proper instructions and full list of Shaders to install!!!

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