Published • 2019-04-30

Natural Radiance

Preset Description

With the ever-growing popularity of Final Fantasy XIV and the demand for a better game play Look, I pondered on this preset for a while to meet peoples Expectations of a good Game play preset that didn’t saturate or tarnish the color gamma of the game but still provided enough improvements to wow people and enrich peoples experiences, hence Natural Radiance was born. This has a high emphasis on making all areas of the world look and feel good, as well give a new coat of paint to the mushy Textures of the original color pallet. it also should help with edge enhancement and give some softness to the image to make it look more bombastic without it being too blurry to the point of annoyance. I tested this preset for about 4-5 months, tweaking it very slowly and asking people for their opinion. I believe it has reached its final form without it becoming something that doesn’t resemble FF-XiV at all.


Dpx, Hdr, Technicolor2, Smaa, Bloom, GaussianBlur, Lightroom, Filmic Anamorphic Sharpening, QMxao, Clarity.

Tips, Tricks and Grievences

Unlike my other presets, this will work with any In-game Gamma setting amounts, Tho i highly recommend increasing the “Character lighting” Slider to like 65-70% so the preset doesn’t look too dark on character models.

If you decide you wanna use this preset as your Default preset in-game (which would make me smile like no body’s business) *cough* I would recommend Turning off FXAA on your System Graphical settings of the game.

Your millage may vary depending on your video card and over all Computer Components. I’m rocking a 980ti with 8g of ram and an Intel 6500 running around 60/80fps at all times, might get a bit slower with larger than normal crowds but that’s to be expected. If the preset is a bit heavy disable normal MXAO and SMAA. I’m sorry if that happens <3.


I wanna thank all the people who helped me test this preset, You guys are amazing; i don’t know what i would do without you guys. Special thanks to Mori-chan for pushing me to make this a thing.

if you want to get in contact with me, i have a discord/Instagram where you guys can find me.

Discord: AeonLegion#1379
Instagram: AeonLegion

Thank you all for your time <3

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