Published • 2019-01-08

Colors Reborn

Preset Description

I’m Happy to present you with my vision of FF-XIV’s Color Pallet improvement. The game has so much potential in the visuals department but i feel like the original game pallet needed some serious work. Using Stormshade allowed me to get the right amount of color in the game to make it an experience like no other and now that i feel like its ready,i wanna share it with everyone.


QuintMXAO, Ambient Lighting, DPX, HDR, FakeHDR, Clarity, Vigentte, Tint, Techincolor2,  AdaptiveFog, SMAA, GaussianBlur, Bloom.


The Preset will allow you to enjoy true dark tones but also also appreciate the multitude of colors the game gives, details wont be sacrificed and you will enjoy the environments even more than with the vanilla color pallet. I also used SMAA for better Edge enhancement since FXAA stretches the textures and makes them look muddy, being more efficient and without sacrificing Graphical integrity. Putting it all together required going to all areas of the game and slowly calibrating the preset to the point of near perfection though i’m more than happy and appreciative to get others input in the matter.

Tips,Tricks and Grievences

I would highly recommend Lowering the Game Brightness the a minimum or close to minimum. The shader will handle bright colors just right and dark colors wont need that much brightness to see.

Pastel, bright and base G pose color filters work best with the preset. Pastel 2 being my favorite :D<

If you decide you wanna use this preset as your Default preset in-game (which would make me smile like no body’s business) *cough* I would recommend Turning off FXAA on your System Graphical settings of the game.

Your millage may vary depending on your video card and over all Computer Components. Im rocking a 980ti with 8g of ram and an Intel 6500 running around 60/80fps at all times, might get a bit slower with larger than normal crowds but that’s to be expected. If the preset is a bit heavy disable normal MXAO and SMAA. I’m sorry if that happens <3.


Thank you for all of the people who cheered me on with this, it required a lot of asking around of opinions and over all just trying different things.

if you want to get in contact with me, i have a discord/Instagram where you guys can find me.

Discord: AeonLegion#1379
Instagram: AeonLegion

Thank you all for your time <3

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